I love creating!

Whether, it’s a deliciously sweet cupcake for my husband and children to devour, or something that lasts a bit longer…like a drawing or painting, I believe being creative is a necessity!

In fact, art is my therapy!

My creative work focuses on positivity and ‘looking for the good’ in every situation. Especially after a breast cancer diagnosis in 2009, when I decided life was way too short not to pursue my true creative passions.

I love creating colourful and quirky products with a smile on my face and a spring in my step, in the hope they might make you smile too!


courageous & quirky - colouring to conquer cancer

My latest project is my Courageous & Quirky colouring book series.

First in the series, Courageous & Quirky – Colouring to Conquer Cancerwas created after my own experience of using art as therapy during my cancer treatment and recovery.

Endorsed by the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Courageous & Quirky promotes mindfulness and creativity for people going through cancer or any other difficult life challenge. Check out some sample pages here and if you sign up to my email list at the bottom of the page, you’ll receive a FREE Courageous & Quirky sampler ebook as a welcome gift!

For bulk purchase enquiries, please email info@jenniferreid.com.au or purchase individual copies online here.

Second in the series is Courageous & Quirky 1920’s Colouring.


For bulk purchase enquiries, please email info@jenniferreid.com.au.


mrs t 1st editionMy first children’s picture book Mrs T’s Kooky Pants, was published by eTV Publishing in 2014.

I’m currently working on illustrating the second edition which will be available for purchase in early 2017. So stay tuned!

In addition to being an artist and author, I’m an educator and keynote speaker. I’ve also worked in radio, banking and the health & beauty industry. As you can probably tell from my varied career path, I have this crazy urge to cram as much as possible into this precious life I get to live!

When I’m not drawing or writing, I can usually be found dreaming of my next travel adventure. I haven’t traveled all that much, but I’ve traveled enough to know that I need to see more of this amazing planet of ours!


I give talks on a variety of topics including illustration, creativity, working outside your comfort zone, living life to your potential, and my personal story of thriving after surviving a breast cancer diagnosis in 2009.

I explore my topics with honesty, engagement and humour. I like to connect with my audiences through images of my work, hand drawn slides, personal stories and openly sharing the big lessons I’ve learned as a working mum, teacher, artist, author, entrepreneur and cancer survivor.

If you are interested in booking me, please contact me with more information about your event.

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